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First introduced in Marvel comics in 1979, Jennifer Walters is the fictional character best known as the She-Hulk. Her profession is an attorney. While this article occasionally draws from source material elsewhere in the Marvel comics, its primary focus is the third She-Hulk series, which was published in twelve issues from 2014 to 2015. This series is considered to be the most legally focused of the She-Hulk series and was written by an attorney, Charles Soule. Soule himself describes the series as “a book starring a superhero who rarely super heroes. Instead of that, she *gulp* lawyers.”

As is normal with any work of fiction that depicts attorneys at work, the law in the She-Hulk series deviates from the actual law that exists in the world in which we live. That does not mean, however, that Soule ‘got the law wrong.’ Rather, it should be assumed that he got the law right for She-Hulk’s universe. He is, after all, the author of the series, and an author creates the rules of his characters’ universe.

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